Hosting has never been this fast

Our services run on our HTV compute platform, a 100% pure NVMe backed virtualization solution for any size, developed by our in-house experts. Our hardware, software, datacenters, network and facilities are state of the art, secured 24/7 and always N+1 redundancy. 

What we do

Virtual Private Servers

A Virtual Private Server is a dedicated virtual machine that runs either Windows or Linux that only you may access. Think of it like another computer, but in a secure datacenter that you remote into and control.

Gaming Servers

Our Gaming Servers are powered by our Virtual Private Servers platform. We host any game you select, and can scale it up and down based on your player demand. We include a fantastic control panel, and we’ll help you get things just right.

Standard Features included in all services

Choose the perfect VPS plan

Our plans scale from starting a website to hosting a busy World of Warcraft server. You won’t have noisy neighbors, and you certainly won’t have any slowdown of any kind. Start a live chat if you have any questions, we’re here to help.



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Our story

We truly appreciate you stopping by. We’re a small company with a large server and data center footprint. We’re a team of technology specialists with a focus on virtualization technology. We’ve spent years perfecting our services, our market reach and target audience. We’re human, we answer the phone and our live chat is always available to you as a resource.

We started off with a business internet connection running from the founders house, powering our racks at home. We grew out of that in 6 months. Next we leased dedicated servers, and again, quickly grew out of that too. We do still co-locate with some of the worlds largest datacenters, but we now operate within our partner datacenters, our hardware, our networking, and our design.

Our management rack


VPS Cloud Platform

You bet! We break this down via product:

VPS: We’ll make sure you’re able to connect to your machine. If you need additional support, you can opt for our Managed VPS option which allows for custom software installation, basic configuration, and streamlined updates.

You can use it for anything you’d like!* You can host websites, a VPN server, a gaming server, or a business application. 

*We do not allow pornographic meterials on our servers, please be sure to read our TERMS AND CONDITIONS

It really depends. We can help you with this if you have problems, but only for legit mailers. We do not enforce any SMTP restrictions, however if we do detect mass spamming, we’ll need to do something about it. We don’t just act, you’ll be warned until it becomes unreasonable.

Absolutely, and we can even network them together, or throw a load balancer in front of them allowing for load balancing and distribution.

Yes! We even have templates for Windows and Linux containing everything you need to run a WOTLK private server. More templates are coming soon, for additional expansions and additional cores (TrinityCore is the only supported templetized core, but we can install any core you’d like!)

HostThatVPS does not block any ports by default. Usually a software firewall is the culprit.

Billing questions

We’re currently only supporting PayPal. We’re hard at work adding additional vendors.

There are no fee’s of any kind, other than what you’ll see on your monthly invoice. We don’t have overages, and most everything is truly unmetered.

Absolutely not. We have a month-to-month business model for all our services. We do however, offer discounts for purchasing service plans longer than 30 days.

No you do not. At the end of checkout, once at PayPal, simply choose “Pay as a guest by debit or credit card”. Your payment will still link back to our billing platform, and the automation will occur to provision your service.

Yes, all of our services offer instant provisioning, as long as you’re who you say you are. We do fraud checks on every order, and if flagged, there will be a delay until Billing opens (7 days a week, 10AM-6PM PST). Make sure when placing an order for a VPS, you select the root / administrator password with a number, a symbol, and an upper case character.

PayPal might charge you automatically if you selected “Subscription” at check-out. If this happens, and you had planned on canceling for the next month, we’ll issue a full refund within the first 48 hours of the next months service.