About Host That VPS

Our Story

Welcome to HostThatVPS, our development play land. HostThatVPS is a new company, started in early 2020 with the goal of providing honest, reliable, FAST hosting to any individual or business. We treat ourselves as our own customer because we basically are – we run all our services on top our own platform. We’re constantly bench marking and ensuring our performance metrics are as high as possible.

Why host with HostThatVPS? 

We’re a small, human team dedicated to you, your services, and most importantly, your goals. Our support teams are available 24/7 to assist your every need, with award winning customer service. In addition to our fantastic support, we also have several articles on our Forums that answer the most common technical frequently asked questions.

 Besides offering top notch support, we offer top notch hardware and software. Our hardware is updated every 6 months, with no downtime to customers. Currently, we’re using AMD EYPC processors as they do support more PCI-E lanes which we need for our NVMe storage arrays. 

Our network is only the best of the best, utilizing a gigantic IP backbone powered by OVH. We do not lease servers from OVH, we simply co-locate with OVH with our own hardware. We use Dell PowerConnect switches, Dell PowerEdge servers, and Dell SonicWALL firewalls, all N+1 with instant failover should a hardware failure arise.

Our facilities are physically secured 24/7 by security personnel, in and out access is entirely monitored and recorded, in additional to facial scans and iris scans for physical access authenticity. Only HTV staff are ever allowed near our racks. In addition to overall datacenter security, we’ve taken things a step further by installing motion sensors and web cams in all of our racks and cages with notification directly to the founder of any abnormal operations.

Our leader

Our team is lead by Christopher Young

Christopher Young

Microsoft Windows Expert, VMware Expert, Linux Expert, Professional trainer, Avid Developer

Founder / CEO

What we can do for you

We treat customers as family. Without you, there wouldn’t be HostThatVPS

Simply, we can host anything you need.

We specialize in virtualization hosting – We provide a virtualized computer for you to do whatever you want with. It’s like having another laptop, or gaming computer, but you don’t need to carry it around. Instead, you use one of many protocols to access your VPS – Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection or others based on your operating system.

What can I do with a VPS?

More than what you’d normally be able to do with a typical computer. Since we host everything in a Datacenter, we become your ISP. We don’t filter ports, and you’re given a static IP address. This allows you to: host a website, host a gaming forum, host a gaming server where you’re in control, host a private gaming server (like World of Warcraft) or host a family website.

What if I don’t know what I need, but I have a goal?

A promise we make to every customer is you only pay for what you need. We won’t try and talk you into anything you don’t actually need for your project. If you’re not sure where to start, open a Live Chat with us and we’ll exceed your expectations within 10 minutes. Even if we’re not the right fit, we’ll go out of our way to find a solution that works for you, most times completely free!

Need IT Advice?

We also offer hourly IT services for business or enterprise needs. Our team of experts can handle projects of any size.