Our Partner Datacenters

We have 30 global partner datacenters, 34 points of partner presence and more coming in 2020

"The Bay Area Council loves HostThatVPS. We run our entire global marketing platform on HTV, and we couldn't be happier!"
Julie rowe
Senior VP | Bay Area Council


We co-locate with one of the largest datacenters in the world: OVH. OVH has over 30 datacenters at our disposal, and since we’re a partner, we can tap into any of their infrastructure in seconds. We started with OVH 14 years ago, as one of their first private co-located clients.


With our own dedicated 20Tbps fiber-optic network capacity, 30 data centers, and an additional 34 points of presence, we are well able to handle growing volumes of data.  Along with links being at least doubled at every routing point, we build our infrastructure to optimize for stability, redundancy and availability. 


Best of the best, and only the best. All our services are run via NVMe* highspeed flash storage devices, AMD EPYC processors for intense I/O, and multiple layers of redundant ultra-speed networking. On a single server, we can push close to 400Gbps of data over Quad Channel 100Gbps networking fabrics.

Everything you need to do you

Real time monitoring

We perform real-time monitoring on all services, allowing us to be proactive instead of reactive. We can monitor ports, web URLs, WinRM, and more.

The Global Instant Cloud

With over 30 datacenter locations to choose from, we span the globe, allowing our customers the flexibility and reliability today's world requires.

No IT required

New to VPS hosting? No problem, we can do everything for you! We design websites, servers, applications, and even games. Start a chat now!

Extremely fast PCI-E NVMe

Our servers are powered by 2020 Intel Xeon Scalable CPU's clocked at 4Ghz, with full bandwidth NVMe over Fiber Channel

Simple Billing

We don't charge per hour, or per second, we only charge per month. You'll know exactly what charges you'll have, no surprises whatsoever.

Easy to use interface

Our customers love our end-user experience. Complete with HTML5 console access to your VPS, OS reloads, password resets, and so much more.

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