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Hosted WoW

Complete setup

Available Versions

Latest and greatest TrinityCore 3.3.5a source built and compiled to order, everything is preinstalled and ready for use. Setup happens automatically after order is placed. This is the most popular selection, as TrinityCore 335a has been around just about the longest. Massive customization’s are available.

Supported versions:

– 1.12.1
– 1.11.2
– 1.10.2
– 1.9.4
– 1.8.4
– 1.7.1

Based on Light’s Hope Vanilla Source. We also support other WoW Classic Cores as well.

Powered by LegionCore. Supported WoW Versions: 7.3.5

Bleeding edge master branch of TrinityCore. May not be complete, but does work. This core is actively being developed and new fixes are released daily.

Need a core or version that isn’t listed? No problem, we can set it up for you, all we need is the source code, SQL files or a repack or a mixture.

Our Hosted WoW Template includes the following:

Visual Studio 2019 is the compiling engine used for many software, including TrinityCore. This is preinstalled, and is setup perfectly with Boost, CMake, and everything else.

Boost is a compile library that allows for cross platform code sharing. This is required to compile TrinityCore, but some find it tricky to install. This is pre-installed, and setup.

Latest version of CMake is installed. CMake allows the solution configuration files to be created for multiplatform targets, such as Windows and Linux

All included. You can also download our latest versions here:

MySQL Server has been preloaded, and the latest TrinityCore Database already imported.

FusionGen is your website registration page. Complete with client download links, automatic account creation, donation panel, GM Panel, Armory and much more. We host FusionGen separately from your WoW server for optimum performance. You can use a custom domain name you already own, or use a free subdomain from us. Example: There are several themes to choose from, courtesy of OMGhixD.

FusionGen is a popular rework of FusionCMS by OMGhixD. We’ve been given explicit permission from OMGhixD to bundle FusionGen with our TrinityCore template.

FusionGen / Blizz CMS Features

We provide a sub domain of for free. Your website address would look like:

This website is FusionGen or Blizz CMS depending on the core you select. The purpose of these website panel’s is to allow your audience to create accounts and play on your server.

Give your players the power to vote for your server! Voting for servers is a great way to bring population to a server, and most new comers look to top listing websites to make their first choice. Make sure you’re their choice with a voting panel! Rewards can be given to voters, and much more.

Allow your players to contribute to the cost of running your own WoW Private server. Donation Panel includes warping ability, special privileges for donating, and more!

Allow your players to donate for rewards in game such as warping, items, currency, or anything else you can spawn or has a spawn ID.

Allow your GM Staff to have their own panel to manage your players. With over 10 functions, your GM’s can manage your players directly from their mobile device.

Why use a template?

We understand the stress that accompanies moving your WoW server. You either repack your core, database, scripts and addons, and hours later get it working on a new host. What if you didn’t have to? Better yet, what if you didn’t even need to do the migration yourself? Our template saves even the quickest administrator about 2 hours of time or more. By choosing a WoW server template, you also get free migration!

We’ve spent hours ensuring every aspect of our TrinityCore template is fantastic. Right from the get go, you just need to update the IP Address in your realmlist table (script for this is on the desktop of the administrator account) and then launch your realm server and world server (again, from the desktop shortcuts). Because we initially set this up, this is a supported product by our team, and SUPPORT IS INCLUDED

Online in 5 minutes. It’s that easy.

FusionGen setup on its own can lead to a very long day trying to get things to work, especially your first time. FusionGen has strict server and software requirements and if not set just right, will not work properly. We’ve gone through this pain for you, so you don’t have to. Once we found our golden image setup of FusionGen, we packaged it up and script every install so nothing gets missed, and everything stays consistent. 


*Disclaimer: FusionGen is a fantastic rework of FusionCMS 6, an old outdated unsupported CMS from ages ago. The strict software and server requirements do not come from FusionGen, but from FusionCMS.

Choose the perfect plan

Our plans scale from starting a website to hosting a busy World of Warcraft server. You won’t have noisy neighbors, and you certainly won’t have any slowdown of any kind. Start a live chat if you have any questions, we’re here to help.



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